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  SuperPowered Women - Kick that fluctuating self-esteem to the curb for good!  Learn HOW to actually "Love Yourself" without thinking about yourself at all! You'll leave this section of PPS feeling inspired.
WAHM_SUCCESS_STORIES_MOMPRENEURS What's Her SuperPower? Mom Entrepreneur Success Stories - Inspire yourself with this FREE eBook! Fascinating tips from 10 successful work-at-home-moms: mistakes and successes. View their websites, hear their stories. Download your copy today.
business_ideas Idea Bank - Descriptive ideas for original businesses you can start from home. Find THE business for yourself: Service Sales, Product Sales, Franchises. No scammy "opportunities". 
 WEBSITE_HOSTING_POWERSUIT_EASY_BUILDER_FREE Build Your Website Yourself (Really!) - Once you have your business idea, my powerful Easy Website Builder with built-in shopping cart will introduce your product or service to the world and optimize your website for the search engines. Try it FREE for 10 days, no credit card needed! 30-day guarantee.
 power_opportunity_free_website_win_wahms_mompreneurs Win a FREE Website - Get your website with shopping cart free for one year! Apply to the 6 month "Wowie" Power Opportunity. Get more sales, more web traffic, a better search engine ranking and a 1 in 10 chance to win a free website!
self_esteem_women Mom Entrepreneur Networking - Have a home business or in the planning stages? Connect with other mom entrepreneurs to trade info, contacts, encouragement, or frustrations. A support network is crucial to success. Build lasting friendships. Start today!

Message Board- Join the stunningly useful forum for moms today, free! Swap ideas, resources or stories about your kids! Clean, pretty, and well-organized, the PinkPowerSuit.com Message Board makes networking easy and fun!

articles_business Mixed Articles - From calculating the cost of working outside the home, to great advice for moms. Submit your own article for publication, including your business information, and drive traffic to your website!
how-to_business_answers How-To Articles - From starting, to growing, to succeeding in business. More than just links to random websites,  We do the research so you don't have to, and using plain English, explain the basic principles of starting and marketing a business.
 business_wahms_mompreneurs_resources_free_freebies Tools and Resources - Tested and true websites, tools, eBooks and more (including FREEBIES!) to help you build the best website and business you can. We don't recommend anything that we don't use myself or wish we could use.
wahms_wahm_mompreneurs_mompreneur_services_help_copywriting_press_release Affordable Services - Don't know how to write great sales copy, or just don't want to? Let us or our associates do a great job, saving you time. Copywriting, Business Naming, Editing, eBook Publishing, Business Branding Strategies and more!
 free_advertising_wahms_mompreneurs FREE Advertising - Six ways in which you can advertise your website for free on PinkPowerSuit.com and boost your link popularity, too.  Why wouldn't anyone want that?
 time_saving_save_wahms_moms_mothers_mompreneurs_house Save Time - Articles chock full of tips to help you save time in your other full-time job: being mommy! Save time in the morning school rush, save time cleaning, save time so that you can spend more time being with family and working on your business!

Save Money - Tips and products to save you money. More money to spend on time-saving gadgets, more money to invest in your business, or more money to play! It's up to you. Spending more than you need on anything won't make you rich. Save your money!

 Shop_mompreneurs_wahms_moms Mom Entrepreneur Shop - Purchase items made by moms (mostly) to help moms, selectively chosen.  Cool stuff for your kids, lifesavers for you, such as Safe Side dvds from Julie Clark, Days Ago counters, and Squid Soap!
business_glossary Glossary - Plain-speak definitions to "geek speak".  All those Internet terms explained. If you don't see a needed definition just email Us and we will add it to the list!
 natasha_clark_mompreneurs_wahms_wahm_mompreneur_mom_mommy About Us - How we came to found PinkPowerSuit.com, what motivates our high standards for this resource website, and Oh!, how we love long walks on the beach and moonlight picnics.
wahms_mompreneurs_women_moms_mothers_natasha_clark_pink_power_suit Contact Us - Feel free to email us anytime. We are pretty quick to respond barring any floods, earthquakes or locust infestations nearby. If we can't help you for some reason, we will find someone who can!

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